The Singing Transformation Program

a 3 month Singer’s Intensive

Singing Transformation Program

This program is about transforming yourself from the inside out as a singer/performer by expanding and stretching yourself, your voice, your awareness and your knowledge so that you can become the singer/performer you've always wanted to be.


The Singing Transformation Program is a 3 month Singer’s Intensive that will provide huge, measurable results in a short time, providing you apply and commit yourself to the process I’ll guide you through.


I’ve been teaching for almost three decades and have taught thousands of singers and dozens if not hundreds of teachers these methods.

I’m dedicated to your success and committed to you realizing your potential! I promise you the results you’re looking for and you can count on me being invested in your highest outcome.

  1. This is for intermediate and advanced singers only and will focus on technique, performance and the inner game.
  1. It will integrate all 3 of these in a way that will ensure you have major breakthroughs with all 3 aspects of your singing and performing.
  1. It is for very serious students that are truly ready to take a huge leap forward with their singing and performing.
  1. The program will include 3 months of weekly private 30 min lessons and monthly group coaching.

The first session will be getting to know your voice and your goals as a singer/performer. After our session I will create a custom routine for warming up your voice that you can use every day and before each lesson. This will be recorded and emailed to you in an MP3 format.

You’ll use this before every session so you’re warmed up and we can hit the ground running. This way I can guide you through the vocalization process which is the voice building, and then the application to your songs, which is the meat.


Warming up is like doing the treadmill or the stair master before a weight workout. You do not need the trainer to watch you do these things. You’re all at the stage where you can successfully warm up your own voice by applying my guidance and using the recording I make for you that’s customized to your own voice and needs.


NOTE: I will make a new warm up recording for you as needed. Of course if you have questions regarding warming up I will provide as much guidance as necessary for you to feel comfortable doing it yourself. But my goal for you is that you learn to warm up your voice yourself.

As for vocalizing - the actual voice building, I’ll teach you how to vocalize and what to do based on your own needs and the most important thing you need to address at any time.

I’ll give you specific instructions and exercises to do each week. When you do them as I suggest you’ll make noticeable progress that will build on itself like compound interest.

It’s your responsibility to do them each week!

  1. You’ll have specific weekly assignments for technique, performance and/or mindset. Whatever is needed at the time. These assignments will always be based on the one thing you need to focus on that when you improve it will make all other things either much easier or unnecessary. I will give you specific instructions but I will not overload you.

It’s often not how much you do, but how you do what you do that provides the greatest results.

You’ll keep vocalizing and progress logs where you can write down any questions, epiphanies, challenges, inner game thoughts or questions and ideas you may have.

This program will allow you more access to me to answer questions and review audios/videos.


I will be happy to review and give you audio feedback on 1 of your recordings (video or audio) per week during the program.

My feedback will be given one day a week in the form of a video or an audio emailed to you, however, you can submit your songs and questions anytime. You should definitely take advantage of this!

  1. Any song you sing in a session must be fully memorized! This is to insure you being able to give 100% attention and presence to whatever aspect of singing we’re working on. You can not do this unless the words are memorized. These lessons must be treated with the same respect and importance as a performance so you must be totally committed and prepared to gain the huge benefits of the program.

Here's what we'll be doing:

Weekly private 30 min lessons and monthly group coaching.

Your custom MP3 warm up routine you can use every day and before each lesson. Updated when needed.

I'll review your audios/videos each week and you'll have access to me for answers throughout the program...


The normal investment for all of this would be nearly $5000...

The investment for The Singing Transformation Program:

Only $3000

We will begin the first week of March

NOTE: This program is a limited to 5 singers so I can give everyone my full attention. (-:

All you need to do now is click the link below to fill out a very short application which will tell me a little bit about you and your singing! 

If this looks like a good fit for both of us I'll send you the payment details...I look forward to working with you!

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